Winter 2020 Mood Board

The year 2020 is finally coming to a close, and we should take this holiday season to celebrate you!

“Intimism” is the theme

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Whether it be your home or yourself, this winter 2020 mood board season has us celebrating everything close to us and not to mention ourselves. 

It may feel like it’s winter already, especially since we’ve hit our first roll-in of snowfall, but winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21! However, to keep our spirits high for a slightly quieter winter season, we’re taking this mood board to talk about trends and fun things that stay true to our intimist theme while celebrating you! Because let’s be real! Most of us have had to endure the most trying year of our lives. We shouldn’t discredit ourselves. You’ve had to make adjustments and work from home, became teachers to your children and yourselves to learn new skills, cooked your meals and washed all of your dishes, supported local businesses and sanitized the life out of your hands. Give yourself a slow clap and celebrate what you’ve built around you. 

Take a look at our Pinterest mood board for all of the things we need for our 2020 Holiday season.

Intimism: “a style of painting showing intimate views of domestic interiors using impressionist techniques, used by artists such as Pierre Bonnard in the early 20th century.”



Social distancing, isolation, and quarantine responsibilities have made me reconnect with a modernist painter Pierre Bonnard, an impressionist painter who champions the theme of intimism in his work. The initial inspiration as I reminisce the days I saw his retrospective collection at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris in 2015; it’s incredible how relevant his subject matter is today. Bonnard, who painted an entire collection of his subjects in the privacy of their bathroom, really highlights the ritualistic nature of one’s bathroom routine. Take a look at the virtual collection at the Tate Modern. It’s amazing that being home so much more makes me re-evaluate my immediate surroundings—something about the comfort and simplicity of things. 


For the winter season, coziness is king and Kingsway Weed Box has the best vintage methods to keep your 420 needs in place. A cute little tin box for all of your weed conveniences. Besides smoking, the most sought-after trend these days is cannabis-infused drinks. We learned about Daydream Sparkling water infused with hemp oil to stay hydrated and bubbly all at the same time. We’ve also added a dose of Dosist’s Calm vape pen as we wait for the return of potio season. With the possibility of seasonal depression coming our way, staying calm, cool, and collected will keep our spirits lifted and rested as we celebrate a quieter holiday season. 


Winter fashion is the most enjoyable and challenging part of the season. Bundling up to be warm while looking chic takes a good eye but is also the most rewarding part of the whole process. Whether you’re embracing what the True North has brought to you, or if you’re staying home and cozying up to a new book. Staples we suggest would include the new Hoibo boiled wool blanket scarf paired with your favourite parka coat. Another seasonal favourite are trapper hats to keep your face warm and cozy. Shearling coat label Therma Kota has released a beautifully woven apron to make sure you look chic while washing your dishes to those staying home. Not to mention loungewear essentials! It’s funny to see how “sweats” have upgraded themselves to become loungewear! 


The holidays are a time for feasting and to serve our gluttonous needs. Warm, wholesome foods are the best things on earth! Like Regina George says, “I’m on an all carb diet!” We shall rain with warm, wholesome carbs starting with stew! The meal of the season! I recently rewatched Quentin Tarintino’s 2015 film “Hateful Eight,” and Minnie’s stew made it on the list of inspiring wholesome foods to eat. Matcha tea lattes have replaced coffee to help with avoiding mid-day crashes and continuing with our productivity. For evening drinks, hot chocolate with warm or steamed milk is a staple with blizzardy weather. And fondue dinners of either cheese and chocolate will uplift and warm up any hungry bellies.


Indoor life is the life, but to avoid the SAD vibes (seasonal affective disorder), we need to upgrade our new kind of winter celebrations by taking advantage of all indoor activities. The bathroom has become my sanctuary, and taking hot baths is my ritual. We’ve been obsessed with good ol’ Epson salt baths and a good joint to go – bring a silicon ashtray with you! Remember to moisturize and stay hydrated. Take a look at Three Ship’s misting toner in the lavender scent for the best prep for sleep. Staying in is also an excellent time for binge-watching old Christmas films (anyone regularly watch Home Alone this time of year?) If anyone else binge-watched The Queen’s Gambit, then you are not alone because chess is the board game to play. Besides family favourites of Cards Against Humanity and Mahjong. Chess has become a new favourite in my household, we fell in love with the MoMA x West Elm wooden chess set! Take it upon yourself to use the winter season to get really good at this mindfully challenging game.

We’ve been ordered by Big Brother to stay home and celebrate a quieter Holiday season, but one of the best things about the winter season is staying home and staying warm while enjoying hot cocoa. Besides putting up holiday decor and sprucing up your home with pine, remember to celebrate yourself, because let’s be thankful for one thing, 2020 is finally coming to an end (on the Gregorian calendar anyway) and we can at least say that we learned how to pivot and even win at it. As the new saying goes “when life gives you lemons, make limonene!”

Be Blunt, Be BAE, just B.


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