What’s in my cannabis bag?

What’s in your cannabis pouch? How do you bring cannabis with you? Here’s our essentials list!

A list of everything you need in your cannabis bag

One of the trendiest things on Youtube is what everyone is carrying in their bags and how Marie Kondo applies the ‘spark joy’ method of organization in one’s purse. Does anyone else watch Refinery29’s “Spill It” videos? These videos are addictive and a great way to learn about the types of products people use to the point where they’re carrying them around every day. Here’s what’s in my cannabis bag!

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Despite these videos being so compelling and mesmerizing, one thing always crosses my mind, how come everybody’s purses are so PG?! For one, I must carry some form of drugs and paraphernalia with me like a pill pouch or something. How can anyone go anywhere without a Tylenol or a Gravol nowadays? Although, kudos to Shay Mitchell for keeping her snacking needs always available! Her “snack jail” is one that all stoners alike should take part in; sometimes, “munchies emergencies” are dire. 

Besides drugs or any form of R-rated items (insert inappropriate joke here), I have the worst abilities in keeping my cannabis accessories close and in perfect working order. I always tend to misplace everything that I own, especially lighters (can anyone else relate?). Not to mention digging around in my purse for said lighter and assuming it’s lost, only to find it days later. 

Take it from Marie Kondo, who stresses utilizing pouches to separate different compartments in your bag (and life) to maximize organization. My purse/bag can be one hell of a messy situation after a few days. One could argue that I qualify as some crazy bag lady, which wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate.

If ‘organization’ is the key to a happy and productive life, bringing cannabis with you on that journey isn’t a bad idea. But first, how do you bring it with you? And what goes into a cannabis bag? Spill it! 

Here’s what’s in my cannabis bag: 


  • The pouch

  • Lighter(s) 

  • A grinder 

  • Smell-proof container(s)

  • Hand sanitizer


  • Joint tip(s) 

  • Small scoop 

  • Extra papers, filters, and cones. 

The Cannabis Bag

First thing, it’s not exactly a bag, it’s technically a pouch inside a bag! I use this one from a local crafts brand – I can’t stress how vital this pouch is. It’s inconspicuous and identifiable enough that you will never lose it. Make sure it is stocked, cleaned and in perfect shape. 

I opted for a pouch to keep it inconspicuous because when I’m visiting family, somehow, someone always ends up in my purse looking to borrow something like Kleenex or wet wipes. Making sure those who snoop in my bag don’t immediately find cannabis paraphernalia is crucial. I’m not always down for an awkward conversation or debate about weed. 

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The Lighter(s) 

I try not to get too attached to these because they just come and go. In truth, someone either steals or “borrows” it and just never returns it. If you got a fancy clipper lighter, be sure to guard it with your life. I’ve met smokers who refuse to share their lighters.

The Grinder 

There are many different types of grinders, everything from 2-4 pieces with various compartments made from plastic, metal, wood and even biodegradable material. The list goes on. My favourite grinder usually depends on which one I’ve managed to clean most recently and is generally made of metal since this is the most durable material. Although having a filthy grinder isn’t always bad, since this opens up the opportunity for you to make a yummy salad [joint]. I am also hopelessly in love with card grinders, but I’ve realized that they’re not the cleanest option. Card grinders are more of a last resort, and I usually keep a spotless one in my wallet. 

The Container(s) 

My pouch is not smell-proof. Hence, I need some smell-proof containers to make things more inconspicuous and not make my bag and the rest of the room smell like skunk. I usually have three of these. One is for the joint (the joint that is ready to go), another is for any fresh ground (or not) flower, and the last is an empty container for joint tips and ashes. 

I’ve been a part of sesh circles where someone has rolled a nice fat joint to share, and when they take it out of their pocket, it’s looking all bent and gnarly-looking. I mean, I know you put your love into this [joint], but I have to put my mouth on this thing [joint]. Is it too weird to be all “presentation is everything” here? I’ve also learned about those who collect their joint tips, AKA roaches, for later use. However, I keep these only because there’s no way of properly disposing of them. 

blunt bae cannabis blog cannabis containers

Hand Sanitizer

The world we live in has changed dramatically since COVID19, and before then, I never paid much attention to hand sanitizer. Rolling joints is a hands-on activity, and everyone who knows to roll knows the smell and stickiness that comes with rolling a fabulous joint. Hand sanitizer has become an essential item in this cannabis pouch to keep your appendages as fresh as your artwork. 

Optional items for your cannabis bag

Joint Tip(s) or Holders

blunt bae cannabis blog joint tips

In case there’s a germaphobe who still wants a hit of all of the good things you have to offer. Since COVID19, taking extra steps to safety is crucial, and one should always assume that there’s a germ-conscious individual within a sesh circle. Although, to be honest, I use mine to be a little extra fancy. Top leaf also gave me some lovely glass joint tips; they’re light and easy to carry around for more than one party. 

The cannabis scoop 

Whenever I roll a joint, I always find that a useful tool missing is a scoop or a “thingy” that lifts the weed into a cone without dropping all of the little crumbs everywhere. I don’t have one of these yet; I’m using a piece of card stock. However, if cones are your thing, it would be best to have these already filled and ready to go in a joint holder. In my opinion, filling cones on the go isn’t the most convenient and fun thing to do.

Extra Papers, Filters, and Cones 

Enough said if you have multiple sesh circles. My favourites are hemp papers from RAW or Sticky Nuggz!

image of a package sticky nuggz king cones for very jessica fung cannabis lifestyle blog whats in my cannabiis bag blog post

Whether you got hot sauce in your bag or not, everything on this list is optional and based on your needs and how you consume your cannabis. I carry my cannabis pouch and all of its content around all hours of the day if the occasion calls for it, and it’s usually in a great ‘grab and go situation. 

What’s in your cannabis bag, and how do you pack your weed? Let us know in the comments!

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