The Best Air Fresheners for Eliminating the smell of Weed


Easily Eliminate, deodourize, and mask the aromas of weed

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We’ve all been there at one point or another when we had to grab the strongest and best air fresheners for eliminating the smell of weed. Whether you were a teenager trying to sneak weed through your parents also known as your home customs agents or you were expecting your parents to show up to your home and prove to them that you’re a reasonably responsible adult.

We’ve all had to be considerate of others regarding our cannabis consumption practices at one point, and sometimes even opening up the package to your bag, jar, box, or vessel of weed can consume an entire room. Part of being a modern stoner is having the best weed on hand when the occasion calls for it, but on top of having the best weed, investing in the best air freshener for eliminating the smell of weed is also crucial to your cannabis consumption.

Cannabis is a complex plant that carries many different aromas based on its strain and terpene profile. However, no matter the strain of cannabis, the more pungent the smell, the fresher it is. So smoking it will just amplify the smells when you’re burning and heating it up with fire. As cannabis consumers, we are left with the challenge of removing and eliminating the smell of weed to avoid visitors being slammed with the smell. Here’s a list of some of the best air fresheners for eliminating the smells of weed so you can stay discreet and sesh in the privacy of your own without judgement and concerns of visitors making comments on how you or your property smells.

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More of an odour eliminator, Cannabolish offers a product line of odour-eliminator sprays and candles, to keep your space smelling fresh. It’s well packaged, and the spray has a nice fresh scent that doesn’t overpower but still eliminates the smell of weed immediately after a smoke session. It’s colourless, and the spray doesn’t stain. I’ve also noticed that it can remove the odour of weed from clothes.

The Cannabolish brand also offers small carry-on sprays, and I highly recommend you add a small travel bottle to your weed bag to eliminate the smell of weed everywhere you go.


Much like Cannabolish, Potaway is an odour-eliminator and offers an entire line of odour-eliminating sprays in different sizes and diffusers. Potaway doesn’t just eliminate odours from smoking cannabis, but it also claims to help eliminate odours from pets, sports gear, and other stinky situations.

The great thing about Potaway is that, except for its name, the product’s branding doesn’t look like a cannabis product. The spray doesn’t have an overpowering scent, so using it in a small space like a car or small bathroom is excellent. The small to large spray bottle sizes are also great for on-the-go use, another great option to add to your weed bag.

Another great thing about Potaway is that its made in Canada, making it a small local business all the more remarkable when it caters to cannabis consumers making it one of the best air fresheners for eliminating weed smells

Eco Four Twenty Filter

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Not exactly a deodorizer or air freshener, but an effective tool to eliminate the smell of weed that I couldn’t ignore for this list. The Eco Four Twenty Air filter is perfect for those who prefer to smoke from a bong or vaping.

The Eco Four Twenty air filter removes the smell of weed straight from your hits. All you have to do after you take a draw from your bong or vape is to exhale the smoke directly into the air filter to avoid and prevent the smell of weed from escaping into your space. It’s one of a kind in the market right now, and I haven’t found an air filter that works as well as the Eco Four Twenty.

Burning Sage; a natural air freshener for eliminating the smell of weed

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Fighting smoke with smoke; burning sage is the best way to purify your space and deodorize it. Sage is a plant the same as a weed; it carries a powerful and potent scent when burned. The great thing about sage is that it eliminates the previous smells and odours and purifies it.

There are many benefits to burning sage, including eliminating the bacteria and carcinogens in your weed when you smoke it. If you contain the smoking space by closing a door, the smell of sage also dissipates. Leaving your room smelling fresh and eliminating any odours from your weed.

Sage is natural and doesn’t cause reactions in people with asthma or allergies, and burning sage is also known as smudging and has many natural health benefits. Still, if you’re into purifying the space to eliminate evil spirits, then, by all means, it’s a double win if it can purify and freshen up your space from a smoke session.

Opening a Window

The most basic method and the best air freshener for eliminating the smell of weed are opening a window when smoking a joint. Airing your space out can make a difference, but opening a window alone isn’t enough to be an air freshener to eliminate the smell of weed. However, if it’s weather permitting, opening a window and combining all of these methods together, will help eliminate the smell of weed. No one would know that it was there in the first place.

Air fresheners for weed are optional

If you’re a consumer with access to a big backyard at your disposal and weather conditions are not a factor. Congratulations, you are the lucky percentage that doesn’t have to worry about cannabis smells contaminating your space.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of regarding your consumption practice. And it’s totally optional whether you choose to eliminate the smell of weed from your home or space; however, many would argue that the smell of weed still carries a lot of stigmas, and some are just more sensitive to the odours and aromas of cannabis than others.

Considering an air freshener for your cannabis consumption isn’t about hiding your weed consumption but more so being proud of your cannabis consumption practice while also being mindful of others. This is a defining factor in destigmatizing ideas and associations that cannabis consumers are smelly individuals.

Let us know in the comments how you eliminate, deodorize, and mask the smell of weed in your home!

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