How To Wear Mary Jane Shoes; A Quick Look Into the Crossover of Cannabis and Fashion


Who is Mary Jane?

A collage featuring Buster Brown illustration, Carrie Bradshaw holding a pair of Mary Jane Manolo Blahniks

Mary Jane is a name that we all know very well in cannabis. An identifiable brand in itself, but the origins of her name associated with weed is still unknown. However, in fashion, Mary Jane is a name of an iconic fashion item and, over the decades, has become a staple in the closet of fashionistas all over the world. With its iconic and historical roots and vintage and modern interpretations, Mary Jane shoes have evolved into a versatile shoe style that many fashion and shoe designers have adapted into a version of their own. The most iconic are Doc Martens Mary Jane Shoes. Here’s our take on how to wear Mary Jane shoes and everything you need to know about this iconic shoe.

Who is Mary Jane in fashion?; The Mary Jane Shoe

The name, Mary Jane, is thought to come from a comic strip character named Buster Brown. His little sister also wore shoes with straps that crossed over the feet. Other theories suggest that the name originates from a 19th-century British slang term for “shoes” around the time when Mary Janes were first made.

Mary Jane shoes, also known as Buster Browns, are a classic shoe style. Traditionally, they have a low heel strap across the insole of the foot and have been worn by both men and women. Today they are mainly seen as dressy and girly shoes for young girls, but you can wear them no matter your age or gender!

Mary Janes have been around for over 100 years but became popular in the 60s and 70s as part of a vintage clothing trend. It wasn’t until the 80s that they experienced a revival and were so popular that they made it into several movies!

How to style Mary Jane Shoes

Wear socks with your Mary Jane shoes

The style of the Mary Jane shoe, whether it’s a flat, platform or pump, goes excellent with a pair of socks! Accessorizing your look with iconic printed or coloured socks brings a youthful vintage edge to your entire outfit (may we suggest weed prints). You can even experiment with different lengths of socks and trim details. Try over-the-knee socks, or if you want to achieve a super cute and youthful look, socks with frills are adorable.

Rock a jacket with your Mary Jane shoes

The beauty of Mary Jane shoes is their versatility, you can wear them with your chicest outfit, or you can wear them with a grunge edge. Pairing your Mary Janes with a moto or biker jacket is the best way to achieve a rock and roll look. Depending on the style of your Mary Janes, they can either create a dressier look or make the look more fun and casual. Or if you’re going for a youthful fun look, a varsity jacket is excellent for a casual night out without looking too relaxed.

Distressed denim is another option to style your Mary Janes to serve a vintage punk rock look with a street-style edge. Ripped jeans or patchwork denim jackets are fantastic pieces to accessorize with Mary Janes.

Make a monochrome moment

Take Wednesday Addams for an outfit of the day inspiration. As a revived Millennial and Gen-Z style icon, Wednesday Adams is definitely the girl that would serve the best monochrome outfit in a pair of Mary Jane shoes. However, monochromatic doesn’t necessarily mean just black; whether your dress is black, white, navy, or another colour of the rainbow, there’s a way to make it work with your Mary Janes. Colour-blocking your pieces is the best way to achieve an eye-catching monochrome outfit, especially if your colours complement each other.

Pair your Mary Janes with a power suit for work

Mary Janes can add a little flair to your workwear. They go with everything from pencil skirts and blazers to skinny jeans and button-down shirts. Try them with a suit for a corporate look. Even if your Mary Janes aren’t the same colour or material as your suit, you can still create a cohesive look by choosing accessories that match. You could add a pop of colour with a bright scarf or tie and bring texture into the mix with some sleek leather gloves, dressy jewelry, or a handbag. Or you can keep it simple and pair them with your favourite high-waisted pants for an easygoing day at the office.

Wear it with prints and patterns

Mary Janes can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and the look you want to achieve. You can pair it with a patterned or printed outfit; we suggest liberty floral prints, stripes or even a polka-dot print; nothing makes the average Mary Janes stand out quite like an eye-catching print.

Mary Jane is not just synonymous with cannabis

This crossover of the Mary Jane name in fashion and cannabis is the most interesting way words can affect consumer products and items. Both Mary Janes are iconic in their own way, one with more precise origins and the other not. Take a look at our post on smokewear and how cannabis has evolved with fashion trends.

Mary Jane in cannabis is the ultimate chicken or the egg question, as many people have written about the possible origins of Mary Jane as a name derived from marijuana and was and still is considered slang for the plant. However, no one really knows who came up with it.

Whether you’re a fashionista serving looks, a 420 enthusiast, or both, we hope Mary Jane serves you well. Let us know in the comments how you wear your Mary Jane shoes or if you know the origins of Mary Jane the plant; we’d love to hear from you.

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