How to Use a Bong; A Beginner’s Guide

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For those who are new to the world of smoking out of a bong, it can seem like a daunting task. I know it was for me! Bongs come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of all materials, from glass to plastic to metal. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. This beginner’s guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to use a bong, from the basics of lighting the bowl to taking a proper hit. We also added some extra tips to help you make your bong experience more enjoyable.

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Step 1: Choose your bong

The first step in learning to use a bong is choosing the right bong for you. If you’re a beginner, we recommend opting for a simple design made of durable materials like glass or silicone. Once you’ve used a bong, you can start experimenting with different sizes, shapes, materials and extra tools. For more information on picking the right bong, look at our post on the basic guide to bongs.

Step 2: Fill the bong with water

Once you’ve got your bong, it’s time to fill it with water. How much water you’ll need will depend on the size and shape of your bong. A good rule of thumb is to fill the bong, so the water level is below or even slightly submerging the downstem; this will depend on the design of your bong. Using a glass bong is the best option for determining the right water level for your bong. This will ensure that your hits are smooth and potent.

Be sure not to overflow your bong chamber with water because as you light it, the water will rise and cause it to bubble over and soak your dry ground flower.

Step 3: Pack the bowl with cannabis

Now it’s time to pack the bowl with your favourite strain of cannabis. For best results, grind your weed before packing it into the bowl. Once your bowl is packed, place your finger over the hole at the bottom called the carb (some bongs don’t have a carb, so go ahead and light your bowl) and light the cannabis with a lighter or hemp wick. Inhale slowly to get the cherry going, then increase your speed until the bowl is fully lit.

Step 4: Remove your finger from the carb and inhale slowly

Once the bowl is lit, it’s time to take your hit! Remove your finger from the carb or pull out the bowl and downstem from the bong to keep smoke from escaping and inhale slowly at first. The air rushing into the bong will cause the water to bubble and percolate—this cools down your hit and makes it easier on your lungs. Continue inhaling until all of the smoke has been cleared from the chamber.

Here are some extra tips for taking perfect hits every time

  • Don’t overpack your bowl—this will make it more difficult to clear all the smoke from the chamber; you want it full but not tight where smoke doesn’t get through to the chamber
  • If you’re coughing a lot when taking hits from your bong, try exhaling through your nose while inhaling through your mouth. This will help filter out some of the harsher smoke particles that can irritate your lungs.
  • Take small tokes rather than deep gulps—bongs deliver potent hits, so you don’t need to take in as much smoke as you would if you were smoking a joint or blunt. Remember to start low and go slow. It’s better to waste weed than to burn your throat.
  • Use ice water or put ice into the chamber of your bong to cool the smoke for an extra-smooth hit.
  • Use a screen or an ash catcher in your bowl to prevent ash and debris from getting into the water.

Toking from a bong is fun and easy with some practice!

Taking a hit from a bong can initially seem intimidating, but it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it! Follow these four easy steps, and you’ll hit that bong like a pro. And if you’re still having trouble perfecting your technique, don’t hesitate to experiment until you find what works best for you.

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