How to smoke weed without a pipe


Or any cannabis tools and accessories

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Some of the best things to smoke weed out of are the everyday items lying around your home. Some of these methods bring us back to a time of desperation in combination with creativity. It’s truly the survival craft of the cannabis lifestyle. However, with today’s massive market of cannabis products and paraphernalia, it’s fun to revisit some of these crafty inventions and relive the lengths we would go to get high. But the biggest revelation we had was realizing how discreet these methods are and how easily we can hide our consumption creativity. Here are some ways to show you how to smoke weed without a pipe or any other cannabis tools and accessories when you’re in need of a sesh!

Almost any fruit or vegetable is the best thing to smoke weed out of

Almost any fruit or vegetable can be used to smoke weed when you don’t have a pipe. As long as you get handy and use a knife or hallow tool to make the pipe chambers, carburetor and bowl, almost any fruit with weight can be made into a vessel to smoke weed out of. Our favourite and also the most popular fruit is the apple. Apples are a great fruit, and they’re perfect for smoking weed. The same applies to vegetables as long as the vegetable of choice can be made in a smoking vessel.

Water bottle

Water bottles are the most common type of DIY, although reserved for more experienced cannabis consumers. The accessibility of water bottles makes for a popular choice of DIY among cannabis enthusiasts. The high quality of plastic in bottles nowadays can be easily made into water bottle bongs or even gravity bongs.

Water Bottle Bong

For a water bong, the challenge is making a downstem, you can use any hollowed-out item such as a reusable straw, pen or marker, and with some well-placed aluminum foil, you have a DIY downstem. Use a knife or sharp tool to cut out the carburetor, add some fresh water, and you have a DIY water bottle bong to smoke weed out of.

Gravity Bong

Also known as the keg stands of the cannabis world, gravity bongs are for those looking to get a solid high without doing many inhalations. The smoke encapsulated within the steam of the water makes for a highly concentrated amount of flower vapour. You will need two water bottles for a gravity bong, one larger than the other. Another option is to use a bucket instead of a larger water bottle. If you’re using two water bottles, cut both in half, cutting the top off the larger bottle and removing the bottom of the smaller bottle. Fill the large bottle bottom with water, place aluminum foil over the mouth of the smaller bottle to make your bowl, then poke holes through the foil and lay your flower and light up the flower. Wait for the small bottle to fill up with vapour; lift the foil off the mouthpiece and inhale when it’s ready.

Some methods I’ve seen to further concentrate the vapour is placing a towel over your head as you inhale from the gravity bong to prevent the vapour from escaping. It’s definitely a hit not for the faint of heart.

Soda can

Soda cans are a great way to smoke weed because they can easily be made into a pipe, although they can be slightly more dangerous due to the high heat of the metal can. They’re easy to find and cheap, and you can get creative with them. The most important thing to do is to dent a soda can’s side into a flat surface to act as a bowl to lay your flower. Then ensure that you poke a hole for the carb for airflow, and you can use the original lip opening of the can as your mouthpiece, and you have a DIY pipe to smoke weed out of.


This simple method requires only a pen, ingenuity, and finding the proper pen. Since most pens are made of plastic, you want to find a pen with a metal tip where you can easily remove the ink cartridge and pieces of the pen. The most crucial component of the pen you want to keep is the metal tip. Once you have a hollowed-out pen, slip the metal tip pointy end into the pen chamber to make your bowl; this little outside-in funnel is where your flower will be placed. Grab your lighter and light up the metal bowl; be careful not to melt the plastic of your pen so you don’t smoke melted plastic.

Hot Knives

Not the safest but still quite effective. Hot knives are, in our opinion, the last resort since it requires no more than two metal butter knives and a hot stove top to heat up both butter knives to thoroughly light up a small amount of cannabis on one knife and flatten with the other to be inhaled with some sort of make-shift funnel to keep the smoke from escaping. It’s not the best way to enjoy cannabis, but it does the job. Be careful not to burn your hands while holding the butter knives over the stovetop.

If you get creative, you never have to be without a pipe.

If you’re a true stoner, you don’t need fancy pipes. A pipe is just a device to hold the weed, and if you get creative, there are many ways to make your own out of everyday objects. Let us know in the comments if you have a preferred DIY method of making everyday things into things you can smoke weed out of.

Stay tuned for complete tutorials of these DIY cannabis pipes and bongs to smoke weed out of.

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