How to Put Out a Joint the Right Way


With great highs comes great responsibility!

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Ah, the joint. It’s perhaps the most traditional way to consume cannabis. There’s something about twisting up a joint and lighting it up that feels right—maybe it’s the fact that you can roll one pretty much anywhere, or perhaps sharing a joint is one of the best ways to socialize and enjoy cannabis with friends. But whatever the reason, joints are here to stay.

The only problem? They’re not exactly the most eco-friendly way to consume cannabis. Depending on how you dispose of your used cannabis after smoking a joint, you could cause serious environmental damage and cause harm to your body. That’s why we’re here to share how to put out a joint responsibly so you can stay safe and enjoy the highs of cannabis.

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How Most People Put Out Their Joints and Why It’s Bad for the Environment

Like most people, when you’re done smoking a joint, you’ll extinguish it in an ashtray or by running it under water in the sink and throw the leftover joint tip in the trash or, dare I say, on the ground. But here’s the thing: neither of those methods is all that effective—or suitable for the environment. Here’s why:


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Unless your ashtray is clean every time you smoke a joint, ashtrays may not be the best option. When you put out a joint in an ashtray, the buildup of chemicals in the ash—including carcinogens—can seep back into your weed and end up being smoked along with it when you light up again.

Running your joint in water

Running a joint in water may seem like a good idea at first glance, but it’s not very effective. Water can extinguish the burning embers and cause it to go out, but it can also cause the paper to become soggy and fall apart. Additionally, some of the chemicals in the smoke may dissolve in the water, potentially creating a harmful mixture. THC—the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis—is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water.

That means that even if you run your used joint under a faucet for a minute or two, there’s a good chance that some THC will still be present and contaminate your water supply when you dispose of it.

The Best Way to Put Out Your Joint

All you need is sand. That’s right—sand! Just plop your used joint into a pot or jar of sand and let it sit until it’s completely extinguished. Since sand is non-porous and inflammable, there’s no chance that any harmful chemicals will seep back into your weed. Plus, once your weed is fully extinguished, you can empty the jar of sand into your compost bin—making this method effective and eco-friendly!

Keep your joint tips (roaches) for later!

Sand is one method that can safely and discreetly dispose of your leftover joints and tips without causing an environmental hazard. However, you can keep your leftover tips to smoke later.

I learned this from a veteran cannabis consumer who told me that she once received a bag of roaches (joint tips) as a Christmas present from her ex-boyfriend because the leftover weed caught between the filter and the end of the joint is said to be the most potent. So if you care to be resourceful and don’t want to waste an ounce of cannabis, save your roaches, get the best high and minimize your carbon footprint while doing so.

Always be considerate of how you put out your joints

There you have it—the best way to put out your joint, so it doesn’t damage your health or the environment. The next time you finish smoking, ditch the ashtray and running water and opt for a jar of sand instead. Trust us; your lungs (and Mother Earth) will thank you!

Tell us in the comments how you put out your joints after enjoying them!

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