How To Make An Ice Bong

Welcome to the build-a-bong workshop! When I saw the many ways 420 veterans have come up with methods to build a bong out of household items, I was immediately intrigued by this side of the 420 craft world!

DIY Bong to impress your friends!

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DIY ice bong

If you regularly use a bong, then you’re more than familiar with the idea of adding ice to your bong to help make your draws smoother and less harsh since the ice will help cool down the smoke, but why not make your bong out of ice and skip that step altogether. Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to make an ice bong. Stay tuned for the full video tutorial!

My first association with DIY bong makers came in the form of Carrie Bradshaw on an episode of “Sex and the City” when she toked out of her boy toy’s DIY water bottle bong. Needless to say, hiding cannabis paraphernalia from parents is definitely an age-old norm. Nonetheless, A+ for creativity and resourcefulness! If you’re curious to learn more about bongs, take a look at our guide to everything you need to know about bongs.

So let’s get to it!

What you need to make an ice bong

To make an ice bong, you’ll need:

  • Two medium to large-sized bowls (these will be referred to as large bowls in this post)
  • two smaller-sized bowls
  • duct tape
  • a spray bottle full of cold water
  • a screwdriver
  • a torch or lighter
  • a frying pan
  • shot glass moulds
  • access to a stove
  • a bong downstem
  • gloves (optional)

Step 1: Making the moulds for the ice bong

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You need moulds to make the components of your bong. Which include the water chamber and the chamber. For the water chamber, we’re going to place the smaller bowl inside the larger bowl and duct tape this down, and fill the bowl with water, making sure it doesn’t spill over into the smaller bowl. You’re going to do the same for both bowls.

For the bong chamber, fill your shot moulds which will be the chamber of your bong.

Once your moulds are ready and filled with water, it’s time to freeze them.

Step 2: Break the bong pieces out of the moulds

So now you have your ice pieces; it’s time to break them out of their moulds. Run the bowls under warm water to loosen them up a bit if you need to. And gently slide them out. You should be able to slide the ice shots glasses out of the moulds.

Step 3: Create a smooth seam on all your pieces

To make a seam, grab your pan and heat it up on low heat. You want to melt the edges a bit to get a smooth seam, do this for your ice bowl and ice shot glass pieces of your bong.

Step 4: Assemble the water chamber of your bong

To assemble your bong, you need to make sure all the parts of your bong have a smooth edge so you can join them all together and have no leaks that will happen when you go to smoke out.

Then working quickly, clap your bowl moulds together and check that there are no cracks or openings. Have your spray bottle ready, and spray cold water to the edges of all your bowl moulds. After you’ve clapped them together, give them a minute to melt into each other, they should stick together perfectly.

Step 5: Make the downstem and water chamber openings

Then once the water chamber is solid, use a torch, heat up your screwdriver, and start making the holes in your bong, one for your downstem and the other for your chamber.

Make sure to size your downstem properly and make the hole at a 45-degree angle, so the downstem is facing toward the water chamber where the water of your bong will be.

As for the size of the downstem, I went with a 14.5 mm clear glass downstem that was slightly too long but still looks great! Here’s a guide by smoke cartel to determine what size of a downstem works for your ice bong. Ideally, you’d want to have your downstem sit comfortably on the water without it hitting the bottom of the bowl. The great thing about an ice bong is if you have larger stems, you can always make size adjustments but not quite the other way around, so be sure to do proper measurements before making the stem hole. The diameter and length are the most essential measurements—eyeballing it is the best way to do it.

Step 6: Attach the chamber pieces

Then grab your spray bottle again and attach your modified ice shot glasses to your water chamber and spray spray spray!

Step 7: Place your downstem into your ice bong

So there you have it! Your very own DIY ICE BONG!

Smoke your ice bong!

As usual, remember to consume and enjoy cannabis safely and responsibly,

Extra tips for how to make your perfect ice bong!

Shout out to Vice for sharing this original crafty idea. But, making this ice bong, I learned a few things. The one thing I found super useful was wearing gloves! Seriously, it’s a lot harder to hold ice than you think. Second, don’t try to grab the bong by the neck; the shot glass neckpieces will break because the bong’s bowl is so heavy; I’ve broken it many times.

And when attaching all of the pieces, once you spray the seams, place them all back in the freezer to let them seal. It gets so slippery that all of the pieces will start to fall apart and melt if you work too quickly or not quickly enough! It’s such a race against time!

Work in a cool space and near your freezer. I was making this video under some really hot studio lights, and the ice definitely melted faster than I could work.

Don’t use food colouring to make a different coloured bong. I thought this was a cool idea at first, but as your ice bong melts, the food colouring will stain everything it touches.

Let us know how it went for you in the comments and if you put your own little twist on the ice bong.

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