How to make an apple pipe for smoking cannabis


Step-by-step instructions to make an apple pipe to smoke out of

So, you want to make a cannabis apple pipe? Well, we’ll show you how. When I started consuming cannabis by smoking, I didn’t have any tools or accessories to smoke cannabis from. I learned quickly that you could DIY cannabis accessories with any household item or food. My first DIY was an apple pipe, so here are step-by-step instructions to make an apple pipe for smoking cannabis.

You’ll want to wear a pair of gloves and maybe an apron because this project will involve getting your hands dirty. Apple pipes are a great way to smoke cannabis and are not as difficult to make as you might think. Follow these steps, and you’ll be puffing on your apple pipe in no time!

To make your own apple pipe, you’ll need:

  • An unripe apple
  • A pen or a metal straw – something that’s durable and hallow about the thickness of a pen
  • Your choice of ground flower
  • Optional; a sharp knife
image of green apple, blue pen, and ground flower with flower icon for Very Jessica Fung Blog

Step 1: Make the bowl of your apple pipe

Remove the stem of your apple, then poke a hole down the centre halfway through the apple using your hollowed-out pen or metal straw. This step is optional; you can use a knife and cut or carve out a wider bowl into the top of the apple to make more room for your ground flower. However, a simple hole at the top of your apple will suffice; you’ll still get a good draw of smoke.

Step 2: Make the mouthpiece and the carburetor of your pipe

Using your pen or straw, poke another hole through the side of the apple (see image); you want this hole to go from one side of the apple to the other through its centre. Ensure that this hole meets the hole from the bowl. All tunnels in the apple must be connected. Be sure to clean and hollow out the tunnels of the pipe; you don’t want any apple pieces to obstruct the flow of the smoke and burn your apple.

Step 3: Prep your flower

image of green apple, silverstick lighter and buds for an apple pipe post

Next comes the fun part: prepping your flower and filling the bowl of your apple pipe! Choose your desired herb and grind until they form little clumps or crumbs, or break up some cannabis buds with your hands. Don’t over-grind and make your flower too fine; this will cause the flower to fall through the holes of your apple. Once you have ground flower crumbs, add these crumbs to the top hole of your apple pipe and pack it in neatly without pushing any flower down the hole into the apple.

Step 4: Light it up and smoke your apple pipe

Once you’ve packed your apple pipe with your choice of ground flower, grab a lighter and smoke it as if it were a standard pipe. Cover the carb with your finger and light up the bowl, and take a draw from the mouthpiece hole. Enjoy!

Best strains to smoke with your apple pipe

image of jessica fung lighting up an apple pipe

Apple picking is the epitome of autumn, and during this season, pairing strains with a fruity or citrus terpene would be perfect for enhancing an apple’s tart and earthy flavours. Here are some strains we think would be amazing with an apple pipe.

Pineapple Express

Blue Dream

Don’t forget to eat your apple!

Probably the best part besides smoking out of your apple pipe is when you can use it to curb your munchies and eat it afterwards. Let us know how your apple pipe turned out and which strains you thought worked best with the apple pipe. If an apple is not your go-to DIY, share with us something you regularly make a pipe out of, we had loads of fun making an ice bong, so we are super excited to try to DIY the next excellent cannabis accessory. As always, please enjoy and consume safely and responsibly and stay tuned for the next household item we use to smoke cannabis out of.

Disclaimer: Please note this article is written for general, entertainment and public education purposes only. Although we conducted our research on this topic from sources that are believed to be reliable. We do not claim the information presented here is accurate. The team at Very Jessica Fung is not responsible for injury, loss, or damage, personal or otherwise, that could occur when consuming cannabis and/or drugs. Please review the VJF legal disclosure for more information regarding our content. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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