All the things you need to set up a mobile cannabis bar at home

Like a bar cart, but for cannabis. Here’s how we put together all of our favourite cannabis accessories!

Like a bar cart but for cannabis.

Blunt BAE blog post for everything you need to set up a mobile cannabis bar at home

What is a cannabis bar?

Finding a spot for your cannabis accessories and tools to live is one of the most challenging things. I’ve heard of many people building their cannabis sanctuaries on their coffee tables, by their desks, and even their bedside tables. If space is a concern, then I strongly suggest a mobile cannabis bar cart. Here’s everything you need to set up your own mobile cannabis bar at home.

I used to have trays, tins, boxes, baskets, and pockets full of weed things that I could never account for, and anywhere there was a little crevice, somehow cannabis accessories would get into it and be lost, sometimes forever. I decided that I needed to carve out a spot for all of this. As cannabis consumption grows, so do the consumption methods and all of the jazzy add ons that come with it. I mean, who needs a joint clip? I do! I’m unashamed. My collection is growing and getting more challenging to keep track of everything, and it’s become more than just losing lighters at this point. 

Cannabis is part of a person’s lifestyle, and a big part of that lifestyle is integrating it ergonomically and elegantly. Must be functional and accessible while containing everything someone needs for any sesh, whether it be a solo one or one with guests. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use a cart! This is a versatile option in case I have to hide my stash for sensitive visitors. 

The Bar for your cannabis

Before anything happens, I had to pick the cart, it’s a lot harder than one may think. There are so many different bar carts and so many different ways to customize them to one’s liking that it can take forever to settle on one. With my endless Pinterest pinning and obsessing. I opted for an Ikea option. I also did not change anything about the cart, although the option is always available to give it a new colour. 

Clean it out 

Rid of things that don’t spark joy, crusty old weed (seriously let this go), it shook me to the core how much I’ve hoarded and forgotten about. The list can go on with old filters, ashes, joints and joint tips, bong water and stains. To ensure an ergonomic and functioning cannabis cart requires maintenance, think of this like your weed kitchen. Every kitchen needs an order to function. No more are the days where you sesh and can’t find your lighter or have nowhere to throw your used joints. Getting rid of anything that no longer pertains to your sesh practice, I found many snacks and candies that were hanging out on the cart for my munchies but damn, and they have accumulated.

The Weed Stash(es) 

The most important part of the entire cart, like a bar, the purpose of this cart is an elegant way of displaying (exposing) your cannabis stash. Good storage can ensure long-lasting cannabis, and giving them a place to live is the best whether your method of storage is plastic smell-proof containers or bags or the people’s favourite, the mason jar. Remembering to use a filter to keep moisture out for each jar/container would be a great way to keep your cannabis young, healthy and potent. I prefer opaque tins; think of the ones for tea, this keeps it obscure, and I believe that cannabis that avoids exposure to light stays fresher longer.

The Ashtray 

I used to think that ashtrays were the grossest things on earth, but that’s only because those who use ashtrays need to set reminders on their phones to clean them regularly. The buildup on these, even for a solo smoker, can be quite an eyesore. However, many ashtrays have lids and keep the unsightly look of trays away. Ashtrays come in the most mesmerizing materials, sizes, and designs, and the cannabis bar cart is where you can have fun with a statement ashtray that makes all smokers in your circle stare, not at the ashes but where you got your ashtray.

The Lighters 

I am terrible with leaving these everywhere in the house, purses, bags, pockets, cars, bathrooms, drawers, you name it. Although lighters are everywhere, they are also nowhere when they’re needed, such an oddity of a thing. Putting together this cart, I contemplated whether or not I should include lighters on it since they’ll probably never return to the cart once they leave it. And figuring out a way to store and possibly display them on the cart cleanly and efficiently proved to be a challenge. So with a quick Pinterest search, clear trays or a coloured one if you prefer to pack them together were the winning options. If lighters are not your go-to fire sparked, then hemp wicks and matches are also a great choice. Using a tray or bowl can be nice to keep the wick in place, and matches usually go in the same container as the rolling papers for me.

The Cannabis Bar Cart Decor 

The decor could be anything that sparks joy for you; think of it as “the wow factor.” I’ve seen things like a neon light, salt lamp, diffuser, candles, a photo or art print, books, ornaments, crystals and anything else you can think of. I decided this to be my bong because it is one hell of a doll. And it’s the statement piece that immediately lets people know that this is where it’s at!


The books, journals, and all extras such as trays, papers, cones, stash bags, jars, containers, grinders, the list can go on. You can make your cart as full or as minimal as your practice would like it to be, but if keeping things minimal, simple, and functional is the goal here, be selective and don’t overpack before your cart becomes a junk cart. I’ve placed a small assortment of cannabis books and even a poetry book for some light reading and inspiration. Anything that adds joy to my consumption is what makes for a great sesh!

If you haven’t already found the right spot, then find a good place, an area that sparks joy! An Instagram-worthy corner, or a good meditation spot, or a comfy daybed spot. The great thing about these carts on wheels is that this spot can be anywhere you want it to be. The sky is not the limit here. If you’re going to go as extra or as minimal as you want, it’s all up to your style and sesh practice. 

Disclaimer: Please note this article is written for general, entertainment and public education purposes only. Although we conducted our research on this topic from sources that are believed to be reliable. We do not claim the information presented here is accurate. The team at Very Jessica Fung is not responsible for injury, loss, or damage, personal or otherwise, that could occur when consuming cannabis and/or drugs. Please review the VJF legal disclosure for more information regarding our content. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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