How to Light a Joint the Right Way to Get the Best Sesh

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If you’re new to smoking cannabis, you may be surprised to learn there’s a right way to light a joint. We’ve all been there, our first joint. No one teaches you how to roll it, light it and smoke it. If you’ve been taught, then you’re lucky. Otherwise, these are all lessons of life that need to be learnt the hard way.

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I wasn’t always that efficient. I’ve been that new cannabis consumer who didn’t know there was a proper way to light a joint to avoid wasting cannabis by burning off too much before I inhale, and I also learned how to burn a joint evenly. These lessons all contribute to an enjoyable sesh. Not knowing these things would explain why I didn’t feel high the first time I smoked a joint because I wasn’t sure if I was doing it correctly.

Why you need to light a joint the right way

image of jessica fung smoking a joint to show how to light a joint for very jessica fung cannabis lifestyle blog

It’s not exactly fair to say that there’s a right or wrong way of lighting a joint; it all comes down to your preference, and consuming cannabis by smoking a joint is one of the most satisfying experiences. However, there are methods to smoking a joint to get the most out of your flower without wasting or hurting yourself while ensuring you get the best experience each time you light up a joint and have a smoke sesh, whether you’re in a group setting or a solo sesh.

Joints are the most direct and natural way to interact with the plant because the entire process is very manual and, at first, can seem labour-intensive. But I assure you, mastering the art of rolling a joint, lighting it, and then smoking it is one of the fastest and surefire ways to build confidence around your consumption methods.

If rolling joints aren’t your thing, the cannabis industry has you covered with plenty of pre-roll options for you to choose from. Or, if you want to keep your consumption discreet, look at one-hitter pipes on the market that offer the same satisfaction as smoking a joint without the work. We have a favourite; read about it here.

5 simple steps to light a joint

There’s no need to worry—it’s easy! Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll enjoy your joint in no time.

1. Roll your joint

Start by rolling your joint. If you need help, check out our guide on how to roll a joint (coming soon).

2. Roast your joint

image of jessica fung wearing a summer hat roasting a joint to show how to light a joint

Use your lighter to roast your joint. As you light your joint, roll the joint between your fingers to get an even roast. Be sure not to heat the entire thing—this will make it difficult to smoke. Once you’ve burned off the twisted end, you can start to light up your joint.

3. Light your joint

Once your joint is rolled, it’s time to light it. Place the joint in your mouth and hold it between your lips.

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4. Inhale slowly

As you light your joint, begin to inhale gently as you heat the joint so you don’t take in too much smoke at once. If you get an uneven burn on your joint, you can use saliva to wet the side burning too quickly.

5. Breathe and enjoy!

image of jessica fung blowing out smoke from smoking a joint to show how to light a joint

Once you’ve inhaled the smoke from your joint, remove it from your mouth, take a light breath, and breathe out normally. You don’t need to hold your breath to keep the smoke in; this will only cause it to burn your throat. You’ll get just as high without holding your breath.

Congrats—you’ve now officially smoked and lit a joint!

image of jessica fung smiling after a good smoke

Lighting a joint doesn’t have to be complicated, and smoking a joint doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating—follow these simple steps, and you’ll be an expert. Smoking a joint is probably one of my favourite methods of consuming cannabis, and once you master the art of rolling a joint and smoking it, it’s so easy to get a quick sesh in. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your well-deserved smoke break!

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