A Cannabis-Friendly Guide to Battling Winter Blues

Our cannabis-friendly guide to battling winter blues to keep your spirits lifted to avoid the burn-out or body crash.

Winter is literally coming.

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Keep an eye on your body time clock because Mother Nature won’t be doing it for you. Unless you’re in Yukon, every other North American province and state or European country will still practice daylight savings. As daylight savings and the cold winter months try their best to tire you out, we need to make sure our self-care routine is on point and working in our favour. The most challenging part with the days getting shorter is not letting the sun be your only guide to reflect your energy and productivity levels. Here’s our cannabis-friendly guide to battling winter blues to keep your spirits lifted to avoid the burn-out or body crash.

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1. Limonene and Pinene Terpenes

Look for a Sativa or hybrid strain with a limonene or pinene terpene profile. These are the ones with citrus or earthy smells. All of which can be quite uplifting. Terpene profiles define the effects of cannabis; citrus terpenes raise your serotonin, giving you happy vibes (talk about a high). Earthy scents are uplifting and known to have anti-inflammatory effects and can enhance focus and mental energy, making it a great option to re-energize your body. 

2. High CBD 

Look for weed strains with a higher CBD content would be a better option to regulate energy. CBD focuses on the body. With the winter months feeling more exhausting than any other time of the year, making sure your body is regulated and taken care of throughout the day is incredibly important to avoid body crashes. Following up with a higher THC strain later in the evening can be great for inducing sleeping. Otherwise, sleep vitamins such as melatonin could be helpful. 

3. Citrus Essential oils 

If working from home or anywhere indoors is your new office, incorporating citrus-based essential oils is necessary. With its uplifting properties, citrus essential oils in a diffuser are a great way to bring out those motivational stimulants. Favourites are grapefruit and clementine. Another way 

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4. Himalayan Salt lamps 

Himalayan salt lamps have quite a mythical reputation with their claims to air cleaning properties, but this isn’t what we want to rave about. Salt lamps are an excellent diffuser alternative. You can always use your essential oils directly on the lamps. It also gives off a warm light that emulates the sun setting or rising (your pick). During colder months, I keep this lamp on instead of using white lights; I find that white lights disturb my physical time clock. If you plan to utilize this lamp, I recommend using a lighter-hued lamp that gives off a brighter light where you can still work but not be overwhelming. 

5. Exercise 

Working out is not my favourite thing to do, but it’s the most important besides staying hydrated and eating healthy. Getting into a body rut is what would throw off your body time clock. Maintain the right balance of a workout routine that’s not too intense but still gets your heart beating. Don’t forget about your recovery; I’ve experienced fitness burnouts, where my body doesn’t recover as quickly as it would in warmer climates. 

This is where you can experiment with micro-dosing cannabis into your fitness routine. Starting low and going slow is the recipe for success in finding the right balance to accent your workout routine. Whether your goals are to enhance your focus, ritual, or recovery, micro-dosing is a great way to learn how cannabis can alleviate pain and provide motivation. Besides the physical consumption of cannabis, another excellent remedy for pain relief is CBD topicals, if you’re concerned not about getting high before, during, or after a workout. 

With holiday festivities around the corner, these can be very trying times, especially with the limiting possibilities we have in the current world we live in. Virtual dinner get-togethers can be just as exhausting and sometimes lonely. Our cannabis guide to battling the winter blues is a solid 420-friendly self-care routine that’s uplifting and fun.

Let us know in the comments what your self-care routine is for the winter season!

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