Autumn ’2020 Essentials

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Essentials list to get through this seasonal change for the unofficial new year. 

Autumn is here! Honestly, my favourite season and it’s not because of pumpkin spice lattes, but because of pumpkin patches, hot apple ciders, and all of the colours! When it comes to sources of inspiration, I’m looking for ways to support small businesses and ways to heighten self-care rituals. So this autumn 2020 essentials list, is all about the practices of Staycations!

I made this post at the last minute since it has been a while since I’ve looked up any mood boards for inspiration for the unofficial new year of trends and inspiration. I mean, who else is staying home during this time and pulling out a rewatch schedule of old 90’s tv shows! If this quarantine life taught me anything, it’s necessary to pivot my views and traditional practices.


What is a good sesh without a great collection of accessories to heighten that experience? With the fall season screaming self-care and comfort to be our new goals. We had to include some well designed Made in Canada paraphernalia on this list.

The Green Cannabis Co. (GCC Shop), one of our hometown favourites, have been adding to their amazing line of Made in Canada products. With sustainability and eco-friendly practices embedded throughout their brand. GCC checks all of our boxes for being one of our favourite products to make your sesh super smooth!

Ellie Mae Studios made a line of cannabis accessories in collaboration with COFO Design a while back, but we had to include this luxe line of accessories, on this list. These accessories are as timeless as they are beautiful.


Fall is considered the unofficial start to the new year in fashion and truly sets the mood for the year to come. And in fashion, things are always ahead; The only way to indulge in the trends to come for the summer season is my fix for magazines. Needless to say, Vogue’s latest September issue is nothing short of spectacular.

Besides Vogue, a new favourite of ours includes the new magazine Explore Latitude (LAT) by 48° North. This new magazine is a great place to learn about other creative entrepreneurs in and out of the cannabis space and also inspires conversation. We haven’t been able to put down the Freedom Issue since we got our copy at Superette Shop. Take a look at some of the new conversations they are sparking in the new issue!


What are we wearing, or more accurately, what are we NOT wearing? Let’s lay the law down for a no pants policy. Although, would you consider shorts pants? 

The terms “loungewear” and “smokewear” have taken up my entire closet vocabulary. “Smokewear”, a term coined by Sundae School, juxtaposed an exciting concept of clothes made for the smoker with their latest “back to school” collection of graphic sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Frere du Nord is also bringing back their most requested long sleeve tunic, one that enforces the no-pants-policy. While La Pimbeche released new hand-painted jean jacket essentials to serve you warmth and swag during your outdoor “potio” adventures.

Besides the new daily uniform of sweatshirts and shorts, comfortable socks and Uggs are back, not that they went anywhere. Now that staying indoors is the custom and shoes becoming optional; having warm, cozy socks to keep your toes warm is necessary! 


Beauty is no longer about just makeup looks, there has never been a time where healthy beauty is more important. I’ve always championed skincare over makeup, but I also like to keep skincare routines simple, scentless, weightless and full of hydration.

E.L.F. cosmetics just released a new line of full spectrum CBD infused skincare. I cannot wait to get my hands on the CBD eye cream and lip oil. As the colder season approaches, dry cracking skin is soon to follow. You would never find me without a chap stick or lip balm in my coat pocket, if anything were to start cracking it would be my lips.


Art Galleries were one of the best places to visit, to get inspired. With the new world we currently live in. Virtual gallery visits are still a great way to support our Canadian artists.

Peter Chan, one of our favourite Canadian artists, currently has a show taking place at Galerie Youn in Montreal where you can take a virtual visit of Chan’s new collection called “For the Love of Gold”.

We couldn’t help but take in the incredible skill of Chan’s ability with capturing light, and reflective surfaces while paying homage to his personal roots and upbringing as a Chinese Canadian.

Once we hit the peak of the fall season, the leaves would be all gone and we may even see a hint of snow. The days will get shorter, and the sweaters will only get thicker and before you know it we’ll be in our parka coats. However, ensuring our transition into the cold season can be met with great comfort and style. Share with us your favourite staycation necessities!

Stay safe, healthy, calm, and most importantly, warm.

Disclaimer: Please note this article is written for general, entertainment and public education purposes only. Although we conducted our research on this topic from sources that are believed to be reliable. We do not claim the information presented here is accurate. The team at Very Jessica Fung is not responsible for injury, loss, or damage, personal or otherwise, that could occur when consuming cannabis and/or drugs. Please review the VJF legal disclosure for more information regarding our content. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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