An Honest Review of the Eco Four Twenty Air Filter


An eco-friendly way to consume cannabis discreetly and considerately

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The Eco Four Twenty Air Filter has made noise in many cannabis stores and retailers in recent years. They even had a stint on Dragon’s Den with their product. I was lucky to be gifted this air filter and have had the opportunity to try using it. The Eco Four Twenty brand boasts that it’s perfect for those with roommates and parents with sensitive noses. On top of eliminating odours, it also promises to eliminate secondhand smoke. So, of course, I had to try it, write a review, and share my thoughts on it! Here’s my honest review of the Eco Four Twenty Air Filter.

Consuming cannabis through combustion is one of the most indiscreet methods of consumption, and The Eco Four Twenty Air Filter is one method to eliminate and mask the smell of weed. Take a look at our post on the best air fresheners for weed for other ways to hide your consumption from a sensitive living situation.

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How the Eco Four Twenty Air Filter works

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Using the air filter is super simple; after you draw from your bong or vape, you blow the smoke directly into the mouthpiece of the air filter.

The air filter has five parts, a rubber lip and base, two metal compartments and a plastic filter. The metal container holds the rubber lip and plastic air filter. Putting the air filter together is super easy. Place the air filter inside one of the metal compartments, twist the pieces together like a bottle cap, and slip on the rubber lip and base. Take a look at this image.

The Accessories

Besides the air filter replacements, Eco Four Twenty has an Eco-friendly 3D-printed cartridge stand for your vapes, which doubles as a pen stand.

The Price

The Eco Four Twenty Air Filter is definitely considered a long-term investment purchase. With a $43.99 CAD price tag. It is a relatively expensive purchase. If discretion is a concern in your consumption practice, then it’s totally worth it in the long run. The air filter replacements come in a pack of two for $26.99 CAD. For the number of exhales it can handle, it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase, especially if smoking out of a bong or vaping is your go-to method of consumption.


  • The small size (fits in my hands) and matte metal container are super easy to take on the go, and the air filter is very easy to clean.
  • It’s lightweight, and the material of the metal and the colour of the container misses fingerprints.
  • The air filter also doesn’t leak when you exhale smoke; the filter is perfectly sealed.
  • The air filters have an ok shelf life of 3 months for the average consumer, which equals about 500 draws before it needs to be replaced.
  • The air filter is also made of plant-based plastic, making it more environmentally friendly when disposed of in the trash.


  • It only caters to bong smokers and those who use vape cartridges, which can limit many cannabis consumers from taking advantage of this product.
  • Rubber lip catches and smudges makeup.
  • Although plant-based, the air filter isn’t entirely recyclable and can be a bit wasteful.
  • Hard to tell if it eliminates secondhand smoke and carcinogens from smoking

Overall Experience with the Eco Four Twenty Air Filter

Perfect for an intimate at-home bong, resin, and vape smoking, so smoke doesn’t bleed into the space. And perfect for the discerning and discreet consumer.

I love that the air filter is matte black because it camouflages the unmentionables of cannabis consumption and also hides unwanted fingerprints. The size is perfect for carrying in small bags, and it’s great for on-the-go consumption if you ever find yourself vaping in secret. However, it’s more of an at-home tool if you lack outdoor space and must be considerate of your housemates.

My honest review of the Eco Four Twenty Air Filter is I highly recommend this to be a product that every consumer should add to their consumption practice. I also look forward to seeing more products from the Eco Four Twenty brand, whether it’s creating more accessories or products for the bong and vape consumer.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve used the Eco Four Twenty Air Filter and what your thoughts and experience are with it.

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