An Honest Review of the Cannabolish Deodorizing Spray


a deodorizer for the discreet cannabis consumer

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For this post, I’ll be reviewing just the Cannabolish Deodorizing Spray. I made it especially harder for this review by smoking a joint indoors without a fan or an open window to see how effective this deodorizer would be. The Cannabolish deodorizing spray claims that it doesn’t just mask or hide the smell of odours. Its natural ingredients neutralize the odours in the air at the molecular level. So, when I saw that it could neutralize the potent aromas of cannabis through combustion, I had to give this product a try and write a review about it. Here’s an honest review of the Cannabolish Deodorizing Spray.

If smoking cannabis is your go-to method of consumption, but you are concerned about the odours of cannabis in your home. Then the Cannabolish deodorizing spray is definitely one tool you need in your bag. Take a look at our post on the best air fresheners to get ideas on other ways to eliminate the smell of weed.

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What is the Cannabolish Deodorizing Spray, and how does it work?

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Well, it’s just a simple spray bottle that comes in a pretty standard size. The deodorizer I have is the 2 oz spray bottle in the Wintergreen scent. It also comes packaged in a forest green semi-transparent bottle. The directions on the bottle require you to shake the bottle well before use. I’m assuming it’s due to the ingredients of the spray containing natural plant oils which may sit at the bottom of the bottle.

It contains a very simple list of natural ingredients and patented ingredients to make it extra special. With its natural ingredients, it assures us that it’s safe to use around children and pets. The Cannabolish deodorizer can also be used directly on everyday fabrics such as cotton and linens and won’t stain due to its colourless qualities. However, it highly recommends that you do spot tests on fabrics such as silk and wool beforehand to ensure that no stains occur.

The Accessories

Cannabolish carries an entire line of products for the purpose of freshening up a space after it’s been contaminated by a smell. Such as candles and essential oils, diffusers, gels, and deodorizing sprays of different sizes. They also offer an entire line of products in a lavender scent packaged perfectly in a semi-transparent purple bottle or container. Cannabolish has also created custom merchandise and entire sets of candles and deodorizing sprays for the purposes of gift-giving or if you’re looking for a bulk purchase.

The Price

With a wide range of products, the Cannabolish brand definitely offers a higher price point for the average cannabis consumer. Due to its specialty for tackling cannabis odours, an 8 oz spray bottle will run you $11.99 US, and the 4 oz spray bottle will go for $4.99 US. It definitely strikes me as a novelty item. However, it is extremely effective in what it claims to do. The candles, on the other hand, are a pretty decent price and definitely fall in line with the cost of candles at places like Bath and Body Works.


  • Colourless liquid and won’t stain
  • The smell of the spray isn’t overpowering and is quite pleasant, and it doesn’t linger
  • Comes in small (4 oz) and large (8 oz) sizes
  • The small size is perfect for on-the-go use or for the car (remember not to consume and drive)
  • It can be used for pets and other odours besides cannabis
  • The Cannabolish brand carries a wide range of deodorizing products


  • The spray bottle isn’t particularly unique
  • The spray itself is heavy and can get very wet; it might be better for larger spaces unless the spray is more of a mist
  • Requires a lot of sprays to deodorize the smell of cannabis
  • If you’re looking for an air freshener, it may not do the job; you’ll need to go in with a scented candle or air freshener

Overall Experience with the Cannabolish Deodorizing Spray

I am not going to lie. I thought the Cannabolish deodorizing spray wouldn’t work since the smell of combusted cannabis is quite potent and strong. And any effort in deodorizing would be moot. But I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was in eliminating the smell of cannabis after a sesh. It definitely removed the evidence of a sesh if you contain the area you’re smoking in. Even without the window open, the deodorizing spray could remove the smell of cannabis, and the next day there were no leftover lingering smells from my sesh. I even had a friend stop by; he had no idea I had smoked inside the house.

One thing to note is that the Cannabolish deodorizing spray works best immediately after consumption. So don’t wait, have the spray on you before you light up, and you are set.

My honest review of the Cannabolish deodorizing spray is that it is totally worth it if discretion is a huge priority in your consumption. The spray is such a unique and novelty item. It is a great gift to anyone who seshes on the move and wants to stay discreet about their consumption. I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a way to elevate their consumption practice while remaining discreet to those who are sensitive to the odours of cannabis.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the Cannabolish Deodorizing Spray!

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