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From tinctures to oils to pillows and skincare

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Working long hours and staring at blue-lit screens has made getting a good night’s sleep one of the most challenging things to do. That time of day that’s supposed to be the most relaxing is one of the hardest things to achieve. So we have a simple CBD sleep formula for newbies looking for a smooth deep sleep.

My latest adventure has been to join the 5 AM Club, and the biggest challenge with making this a daily habit is waking up at 5 AM. And because I haven’t developed a productive evening routine before bed, getting the necessary amount of rest while waking up before dawn has been a soul-sucking experience. Joining the 5 AM Club is a massive lifestyle change that requires easy but diligent actions to follow.

The first week I attempted to join the club, I struggled and concluded that I was to incorporate a simple CBD for anxiety and sleep formula into my sleep routine to wine down just enough to be out like a light by the time I hit the sheets. 

And it helped. After that first week, I was in bed by 10 PM and up by 5:30 AM at the latest and would start my day off full throttle. So whether you’re trying to join the 5 AM Club or not, everyone deserves good sleep, no matter your natural circadian levels. If you’re struggling to develop a better sleep cycle and are looking for options to aid your sleep struggles, then CBD may be something that can help you. Here are all the ways to add CBD to your nighttime routine for a smooth and deep REM bedtime. 

What is CBD?

So first off, CBD stands for cannabidiol, a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant and is most commonly extracted in the form of oils and infused with edibles. Its leading quality interacts with your endocannabinoid system. It induces a feeling of calm and relaxation without the euphoric psychoactivity or what we all know as the “high” feeling like its counterpart THC. You can read more about CBD and its health benefits here

Does CBD make you sleepy?

CBD is credited with being a natural sleep aid compared to the more commonly known melatonin. And because of its natural properties of inducing relaxation and calm, it can be a helpful aid to those experiencing anxiety or restlessness right before bed.

However, here’s the secret, it’s not just CBD. There’s a lot of information about the benefits of CBD for anxiety and sleep. However, this can be misleading as CBD isn’t a “cure-all miracle potion” to all your anxiety and sleep challenges. And according to Medical News Today, prolonged consumption of CBD can hinder your sleep experience. Our advice is to avoid relying solely on CBD and make your nightly routine as calming as possible to naturally let your body develop those sleep patterns. Read on for our formula for better sleep with some CBD help. 

Be Intentional; Set the time for your mornings and evenings.

Sleeping is a nightly routine that must be honoured to live your best life. However, life can throw you curveballs and throw you off your high-functioning circadian levels. And for CBD to come to your rescue, you must be intentional with your consumption. 

For example, get back into a routine; morning, noon, and night and honour your alarm clock and calendar. Set time in the evening to start your nighttime routine like washing up and cleaning (specifically your kitchen). Afterwards, set away time to wind down by having a warm drink, taking a warm shower or bath, and even a short meditation can help your body and mind enter into a sleep cycle that works for your circadian level. 

And when we say intentional, have a set time and amount that you know you will be relaxing before bed to consume a dose of CBD. If you’re new to CBD, then starting low and going slow is the safest way to ensure you know the perfect amount that works for you. Track your progress either on your phone or in a journal, and don’t overdo it. Medical News Today did a study and suggested that the average person requires 25 MG of CBD oil to have an adequate sleep cycle. You can use this metric as a guide and go from there. 

CBD Sleep Tinctures

There is a constant debate regarding natural sleep aids in today’s market, specifically CBD vs. Melatonin. However, you can’t have a CBD sleep formula without some form of CBD.

We recommend a CBD sleep tincture by Kiara Naturals. This sleep tincture is ingested either directly from the bottle or incorporated into your tea. The CBD Sleep and Relax Tincture is a pharmaceutical grade full spectrum CBD oil formulated to maximize sleep while relieving anxiety and contains a 1:3 ratio being one part pure plants and three parts liquid. 

Depending on your intended use of this tincture, the dosage amount can vary based on the time of day, and the consumer, as everyone’s endocannabinoid system responds differently to CBD. For sleep, Kiara Naturals recommends 3-10 full pipettes into a glass of water or juice before bed, and you will feel the effects within minutes of consumption. 

CBD for sleep blog post by Blunt BAE image of kiara naturals tincture

CBD Pillow

Besides consuming CBD orally, one of the latest trends in CBD sleep aids is through topical solutions, and CBD pillows are exactly what they are.

The CBD Pillow is our new favourite must-see product, and it contains a patented design where microdoses of CBD are released throughout the evening and are guaranteed to help you sustain a long night’s sleep.

We love this pillow because the effects of CBD [oil] micro-dosing usually wear off after several hours, depending on the person. Since the pillow is activated by friction and consumed through your pores, you have CBD as a sleep aid throughout the night. 

CBD Skincare

Another method to incorporate CBD into your sleep routine is through skincare care products. Your skincare regimen has separate daytime and nighttime properties, and CBD is no exception to that rule.

Gentle face oils are a new favourite in our skincare regimen, and we recommend the Pure CBD Balancing face oil by Blunt Skincare because it’s 100% CBD oil with hints of Blue Tansy, which is an essential oil that’s great for your skin and induces sleep pheromones. 

Incorporate this into the final step of your skincare routine, and I like to have my face oils sitting by the bed to apply it generously through my hands and face right before lying down in bed. We recommend doing some breathing exercises while you’re sitting in bed and breathing in the scent of the blue tansy to induce a sense of calm and relaxation. 

Nighttime Sleep Aid Extras 

As we said, sleeping is a daily lifestyle routine. Although it can be challenging to achieve, having CBD as a sleep aid is a great option to help with those evening struggles. However, it’s essential to realize that making an effort to get better sleep is more than just laying in bed and dosing CBD beforehand.

It’s those extra little steps that create massive lifestyle changes. So incorporating small but positive life practices like staying hydrated throughout the day, no devices after a specific time in the evening, winding down with soft music, meditation, breathing exercises, and reading a book can help charge that natural melatonin to get you ready for sleep once you hit the sack.

We also recommend other self-care extras like incorporating silk and satin materials into your bedtime routine. Using gentle satin scrunchies and tying your hair into a loose top bun helps keep your hair fresh and tangle-free. Or use a silk pillowcase to keep your head cradled in moisture and bring perfect hair days and wrinkle-free skin. Or use a silk eye mask to keep unwanted lights and glare interrupting your slumber if you don’t have a black-out curtain. And be sure to dress comfortably for bed; wearing soft loose-fit clothes not restricting your breathing would be ideal for your sleep wind down. These are some of those small steps and personal investments that can elevate your sleep experience and make waking up in the morning as enjoyable and pain-free as possible.


Reminder: CBD is a sleep aid, and long-term use may not be sustainable. Have an intention for why you want to incorporate CBD into your sleep routine, and be diligent about your doses. In terms of topical solutions, it is safe to use for longer-term treatment, but do your research and figure out what you need from CBD before joining this club. This CBD sleep formula is a great way to get back to deep REM sleep and have you feeling energized for an early morning routine. Good Luck!

Let us know in the comments how you’ve added CBD into your nighttime routine and if it’s helped you catch those Z’s.

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