Welcome to Very Jessica Fung, formerly Blunt BAE, a cannabis lifestyle blog by Jessica Fung.

On this blog, you will find content about cannabis consumption, culture, and consumers, all curated and created to share stories and connect with individuals looking to learn more about cannabis, hemp, CBD, and everything in between.

Blunt BAE originally began as a blog with a mission to destigmatize cannabis by highlighting the endless possibilities of cannabis through art, design, and photography. Since then, it’s rebranded into Very Jessica Fung to continue with this mission while creating a personal touch to share the journeys of a cannabis consumer post-legalization in Canada.

The Very Jessica Fung Cannabis Lifestyle Blog covers topics relating to cannabis lifestyle, guides, reviews and editorial content. Every piece of content was carefully curated by the VJF team and created for educational and entertainment purposes. Our goal is to explore traditional and innovative ways for individuals to consume and incorporate cannabis into their lives safely while elevating their experience with the plant.

About Jessica Fung

Jessica Fung headshot for Very Jessica Fung cannabis lifestyle blog

I’m a cannabis lifestyle blogger and influencer who is a shameless coffee addict. I’m a dog lover, specifically Miniature Golden Doodles, who enjoys roller skating (although I’m not that good yet). One of my favourite pastimes is watching old Hong Kong television dramas.

If you haven’t gathered already, I’m a Hong Kong native #hongkonger and immigrated to Canada as a child, and I currently reside in Toronto #the6ix. After graduating with a Bachelor of Design from Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) and a semester spent in France, I pursued a career in fashion, where I worked for start-up fashion and apparel design firms in product development and sales for luxury fashion brands.

In 2019 I retired from my career in fashion and began my career in the cannabis industry as a content creator. This was when I started my cannabis lifestyle blog as a platform to share my story. Since starting the blog, I have taken my first baby steps into the cannabis industry. I also created a marketing and copywriting agency working and supporting many different types of businesses in and out of the cannabis space.

When I’m not working, I enjoy hiking with my dog Sushi, the Miniature Golden Doodle, and volunteering with the non-profit organization YH Next Gen to raise money for the Love Gives Capital Campaign for the Yee Hong Foundation. A not-for-profit committed to providing culturally appropriate care to the East Asian demographic in Canada.

If you have any questions about VJF or want to connect to learn more about cannabis, feel free to reach out!