AAPI Month: Our Favourite cannabis lifestyle influencers, bloggers, writers, and content creators you should know about!

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Celebrating AAPI Month

This year, we are celebrating AAPI Month with a list of cannabis influencers, bloggers, writers, YouTubers, and content creators you should follow immediately! Each person on this list is a trailblazer in their own right and is doing impactful and unique work to end the stigma of cannabis consumption and culture. Remember to follow them if you’re not already, and stay in the loop with everything they do! Did we miss someone? Let us know in the comments if you want to add someone to this list!

Jessica Fung; Very Jessica Fung Cannabis Lifestyle Blogger

Jessica Fung is a cannabis lifestyle blogger and influencer in Toronto, ON. Jessica started as a discerning cannabis consumer and discovered the benefits of cannabis right before Canadian cannabis legalization. After deciding to work in cannabis, she started Very Jessica Fung as a blog to share her story and journey of cannabis consumption through the cultural lens of an Asian woman. Her content deals with cultural stigma, healthcare, and education to destroy the fear of cannabis consumption for other discerning consumers.

Miyabe Shields

A cannabis educator, Ph.D. pharmacist and expert in the endocannabinoid system, Miyabe Shields is a crusader in sharing the science behind cannabis and its effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system. You can often find Miyabe with a display model of molecules explaining how the plant works and how it ties into her personal story as a medical cannabis consumer. Her stories of culture, consumption, education, and science help pave the way for transparent and open conversations about the science of cannabis.

Chris Kim; Blazin Asian

Christopher Kim Jr. is an influencer based in New Jersey. Chris makes money consuming cannabis and creating epic and hilarious content around sparking up with strangers on the streets. His YouTube channel has over 50K subscribers, and you can often find him smoking cannabis out of literally every DIY item you can find. His creativity, matched by his sense of humour, makes for an entertaining way to see how much fun cannabis can be if you’re open to trying it.

Monica Lo; Sousweed

The lady behind the cannabis sous vide, Monica Lo, is a crusader in creating high-quality content surrounding cannabis cooking. Authoring a cannabis cookbook, Monica is a leader in demonstrating the endless possibilities of cooking with cannabis safely and comfortably. Monica’s sous vide cooking method came about while she was living as a tenant, and she learned that her landlords would not allow cannabis consumption on their properties due to their issues with the smell of weed and discovered the scentless and discreet method of sous vide cooking.

Ophelia Chong; Asian Americans for Cannabis Education

Ophelia Chong is an OG in the cannabis industry. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Ophelia has made huge waves advocating for a more transparent and honest culture surrounding cannabis and the Asian community. Ophelia’s blog is the cannabis version of Humans of New York. It features cannabis entrepreneurs of AAPI ethnicities sharing their stories of cultural stigma and challenges relating to their work in the cannabis industry. Her blog has quickly become an anthropology of cannabis education via authentic stories told by the people of the plant.

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